LA 2028 Olympics Forecasted Success: Noticeable Boost for US Soft Power

One of Los Angeles’ main goal for the upcoming decade is to increase US soft power through cultural diplomacy as it organizes and gets ready to orchestrate one of the most powerful Olympic and Paralympic games yet, in 2028. As Nicholas J. Cull, director of the Master’s in Public Diplomacy program at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, states: the goal of cultural diplomacy is to allow international actors manage the international environment by making their cultural resources and achievements known abroad and/or facilitating transmission abroad. In many instances, cultural initiatives, such as hosting the Olympic and Paralympic games, have acted as important drivers in increasing a country’s soft power and changing and/or maintaining the global perception of a nation state vis-a-vis the international community.

Los Angeles has the chance to be the paradigm shifter and show the world the profitable and sustainable way to host the Olympics. The city of LA is forecasted to have a significant surplus in funds and at the same time manage to install a world-class transportation system to Los Angeles. This will only be possible because Los Angeles will be using all existing infrastructures such as the USC and UCLA campus and stadiums, The LA Stadium, home of the Rams starting in 2020, The Los Angeles Convention Center, The Staples Center, The Rose Bowl, LA Football Club Stadium, and more. Additionally, as the city hosted the 1984 Olympic and Paralympic games and demonstrated a significant surplus of $225 million, there is an expectation for the city to perform better and smarter for the one to come. This time Los Angeles will prove the US to be a comfortable efficient and adaptable location for the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2028; in turn, this will grant the US brownie points towards their soft power.

Central to making a notable impression on the spectators will be the Crenshaw/LAX Line, Automated people mover, Downtown regional connector, and Bus rapid Transit on Vermont Avenue. These new transits will allow for easy access from LAX to downtown and all areas of the city and potential catastrophic traffic during the three weeks of the Olympic games will most likely be mitigated. The future of LA’s transportation system will be entirely changed for the better. Most importantly, for the purpose of the games it will offer the Olympic audience an express commute to all Olympic venues. Fans will be able to watch water events at the South Bay Sports Park in the morning, then quickly commute to the San Fernando Valley Sports Park to watch an equestrian performance, and get back in time to the main Olympic hub in downtown LA to watch a track race in the innovated USC Coliseum venue . The area of downtown will be the most populated at all time as it will be hosting the largest amount of sports games,13 Olympic and 13 Paralympic games in the state-of-the-art stadiums and venues near the USC area. For this reason, there will be a special emphasis on the rebuild, innovation, and betterment of downtown are in LA for the 2028 games. Spectators will be able to watch swimming races at USC’s Dedeaux baseball field, that will be transformed into an open-air swimming pool, and at night catch a drink on the highest open-air bar in the Western Hemisphere, Spire73, to experience the LA social and music scene. The accessibility, efficiency, and comfort of the projected Olympics be what catches inevitably push US soft power to the highest echelons, beating France on having the most popular city in the world.

Through preparedness, transportation innovation, assorted geography and culturally diversity, the City of Angels will be the runner up to host one of the most successful and profitable Olympic and Paralympic games in the year 2028. Furthermore, his event will improve the usable transportation and infrastructure in LA itself and the correct step through cultural diplomacy towards making an impressionable appearance to the international environment. Los Angeles holds a huge advantage to have gained the bid for the 2028 Olympics as is home of incredible landscaping, terrain, venues, cultures and two top tier university campuses that have agreed to lodge both the Olympic crew at the USC Village with the as well as the world class Olympians in the UCLA Olympic Village. In all, cultural diplomacy such as the hosting of an Olympic even appears to have influence on a countries soft power and consequently on foreign policy outcomes. Therefore, the Los Angeles winning the bid for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic games will be instrumental to the positioning of the US hegemony in the decades to come.

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