The Convenience of Cyber Monday vs. The Terrors of Black Friday

As Thanksgiving approaches, Americans will be going through many different rituals in order to prepare. Tasty videos of pumpkin pies and green bean casseroles will be reaching higher views than normal. Meditation apps will be used greatly in preparation for crazy Aunt Janet and the stress of having the whole family in one room. These are just of the few “on-trend” things that people are going to be using leading up to the big day.

However, in addition to planning for the actual Turkey Day, there is one thought looming in everyone’s minds: Black Friday. This stressful ritual of crazy high discounts and the possibility of being stampeded is the Friday after Thanksgiving. People start lining up for these discounts even in the day on Thursday in order to await the 12 AM door openings. Though this is a day that causes a lot of anxiety for many, (including myself) others feel that it is the Super Bowl of all holiday shopping and they would never dream to miss it.

There has been a steady plateau of in-store sales throughout the last couple years, though, and an increase in the infamous Cyber Monday and online discounts all the way through the weekend. This trend is due to those shoppers who feel that the comfort of their own beds is more intriguing than horribly long lines and cranky individuals. Many of these online shoppers are millennials, as older people have not grown up with this online shopping experience.

Millennials like convenience. Even though it is also found that they want to interact face-to-face with brands and stores while shopping, they are not as inclined to shop in-store on Black Friday due to the long lines and stress that come along with this day. Cyber Monday on the other hand, is filled with deals right at our finger tips, with no waiting and hardly any obstacles—exactly portraying the “I need this right now” mentality that many millennials possess.

I do not see this as a death of Black Friday, though, there are just as many or more people shopping in-store as online. But, I do think the dragged-out weekend—not only having huge sales on the early morning of Black Friday—is a positive thing for all Americans, leading to not as much stress and hopefully fewer stampedes. I do predict that in the coming years the Black Friday shopping weekend will continue to evolve and add more elements than we already have, and I am excited to see what these will entail.

Whatever your thoughts on the day are… Happy Shopping!

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  1. I could not agree more. I despise the crowded, hectic, anxiety-inducing atmosphere that is Black Friday although I was not always this way. In middle school, a very close friend of mine and I thought of it as how you described, “the Super Bowl of all holiday shopping”. Why binge shop any other day of the year when on this particular day you can buy on-trend items for 25-75% off? Yes, I did just say 75% off. We would wake up at 4AM (but usually couldn’t get ourselves out of bed until 5AM) and my friend’s poor mother would drive us to the mall. We shopped and shopped and shopped until we were so exhausted we simply had to quit. Shop till you drop as they say! But as I got older I realized that I didn’t actually like any of the stuff I was buying, and that I was really only buying it because it was on sale. Now the thought of Black Friday shopping makes my skin crawl and I will likely never ever return. I agree with you, young people like convenience. I enjoy kicking back on my laptop and paroozing the web for deals that interest me. But I feel as though I should let you know that in my older years, I have become quite the responsible shopping. I only buy things online that I know will fit and I know I will love. Also, I enjoy that many sites do not limit their discounts to just one day.


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